Muay Thai is a sport that anyone can learn, you just have to try!

Trained by her husband, former European Champion Master Karim Safari, Khadijah has progressed on to teach other women the sport which has provided London’s women with the most energetic workout you could imagine! Her strictly women’s only gym allows the sister’s scarves to come off and the determined women let off steam just as much as anyone else. There are no barriers at her Strictly Ladies Safari Gym. We asked Khadijah Safari to tell us what inspired her to take this path in martial arts and what her plans are in the future.

“I started training 11 years ago, I found a local club and fell in love with the sport 2 days later when I could hardly walk after the intense work out!  Once I’d started training I knew that I wasn’t going to stop until I’d achieved my black belt and I knew full well that I had a pretty good chance of taking down someone that came to attack me, no matter their size.  I have been so blessed to be able to pass this knowledge on to other women, primarily for fitness and self defense, but also as a great sport which is becoming more and more popular worldwide.  The ladies who you see gracefully walking down the street, covered head to toe in traditional Muslim wear, have a whole different angle with a pair of boxing gloves on.  These are the most determined and dedicated students that I have, training hard to improve their skills so that one day they can pass this knowledge on to others.  Healthy living and self defence are both extremely important area’s which I believe all women should focus on.   Sister’s walk into a class for the first time, expecting the worse, and walk out asking when they can come back next!  From reporters, lawyers, doctors, students, to sisters who have been victims of abuse or crime, Muay Thai is a sport that anyone can learn, you just have to try!”

Khadijah’s dream is to be able to enter Muay Thai as an women’s Olympic sport, the UK is currently working on providing the right governing body to be accepted by Sport England, and then there’s no reason why not!  With inter club tournaments and the interest spreading inside and outside London, Khadijah wishes she could be in 10 places at one, she told us, “I have sisters calling me from Doncaster, Oxford, Hemel Hempstead, Milton Keynes and all across London asking me to please open up sessions near them, they promise they’d work really hard”.

Khadijah hopes to be able to train more instructors so that more women can enjoy and experience the fun of martial arts, and in the meantime, likes to spend her spare time in the ring with her husband, although there’s a major weight difference (heavy weight vs. Super light weight) she gives him a good workout and doesn’t let him get away easily. For information about the sport, and Khadijah Safari’s classes, visit or contact her directly 07880 550011

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